Fellowships and distinctions

1. Juan Carlos Simó prize for young researchers awarded by Spanish Association for Numerical Methods in Engineering (SEMNI) for contributions to fluid-structure interaction and multi-phase flow modeling, 2017 SEMNI 2017 awards page

2. Europa Investigación grant by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competetiveness (Reference: EUIN2015-62730), 2015

3. Juan de la Cierva Post-doctoral grant by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competetiveness (FDP-2013). Candidate was ranked N1 Spain-wide in the “Civil engineering” category (Reference: FPDI-2013-18471), 2014

4. Thesis selected by SEMNI (Spanish Association for Numerical Methods in Engineering) among three best PhD thesis in numerical methods defended in Spain in 2010 for “Best European Thesis” Olympiad by ECCOMAS, 2011, Athens, Greece.

5. Marie Curie scholarship for doctoral studies, 2006

6. Honors Degree Award, Computational Mechanics, Technical University of Munich, 2006

7. Elected among top 5 Computational Mechanics students of Southern German Universities to “Elite students network: Bavarian graduate school of computational engineering”, 2005

8. Youth and Knowledge scholarship for MSc studies, awarded by Siemens AG, Munich, 2004.

9. Carl von Siemens scholarship for BSc studies at the International Department of Technical University of Karlsruhe (KIT), Germany, 1999 .

10. Special prize in the all ex-USSR conference of young physicists for the paper “Unusual defects on the surface of single-cristalline SiC samples”, Moscow, February 1999.